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Magritte, False Mirror.jpeg

Dreams of a New Earth

a sound design thesis by Jacob Montgomery

with cinematography and visual direction by Jonas Bishop Hayes

As part of the requirements for my BFA in Sound Design, I was required to create a thesis project that showcased some of the skills that I had developed in my time at Boston University. The video above is a rendering of this work, in which I sound designed and composed nearly 30 minutes of original music using hardware synthesizers. The main goal of this project was to try to create a space that allowed the listener to connect to nature through a medium that can often feel artificial. Rather than the typical video workflow of score coming in at the last minute and being created in order to accompany the image on screen, video content came second in this process and was only filmed and edited after a majority of the music had already been made.


Originally presented in the Light and Sound Lab at the Booth Theater Center in Boston, MA on April 24-25, 2021. Headphones or quality speakers are recommended for the full listening experience. Full-quality download available upon request.


Click the button below to learn more about my process of creating this piece.

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