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Sound Design/Audio Engineering

Directed by: Jeremy Ohringer
Co-Sound Design/Engineer: Jon Beals
Lighting Design: William Brown
Costume Design: Kevin Morris
Scenic Design: Meg McGuigen

Stage Manager: Zoe Garrick
Photography: Andrew Brilliant

This piece is a modern reinterpretation of the Odyssey, told from the perspective of Odysseus’ daughter, named Dessa. Over the course of the story, she encounters characters both familiar and new as she tries to learn more about her father as she learns more about herself. This piece is a play with music, and featured two musicians on guitar, keyboard, and bass, with a variety of musical styles represented.

When approaching this piece from a design perspective, we wanted to find ways to try and capture the tradition of an oral history being retold in a modern setting. The scenic design was highly evocative of a bar or pub, and from the perspective of sound, we wanted to try and contrast the realism of the set with the heightened world of the original story. We used a palette based mostly in the materials of the set, such as wood, glass, and water, to create a soundscape that transcends the world of the bar.

This show also presented a fantastic opportunity to work with musicians and composers. We were able to take some of the melodic material from the score and use it in our soundscapes, allowing the two worlds to blend seamlessly together.

Horizon Line - Transition
00:00 / 00:48
Horizon Line - Song of Time (Live)
00:00 / 02:31
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