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Sound Design

Written and Directed by: Mark Fortuanto

Lighting Design: Mark Fortunato

Choreography: Andrea Sala

“As they say, LUCiAN is an omnipotent being who has been designed to help humans feel. They are fed the emotional experiences of humanity so they can be processed in an attempt to create solutions to any emotional problem one could be dealing with. In the world of this experience, LUCiAN is probably being developed to be the most effective therapist ever to exist. They want to help certain people feel certain things, or help people through the things they are feeling through the presentation of these “Experiences”. They express themself through a reality bending Interface where either the patient can enter and be exposed to an experience with LUCiAN directly, or an Interface Technician can help LUCiAN present Experiences as deemed necessary. Though, as LUCiAN gets smarter and more powerful, they may sometimes be able to take the reins and deem people in need of an Experience, even if that person wasn’t prepared to receive one…”

-Mark Fortuanto

LUCiAN was an undergraduate lighting thesis at BU that told the story of love and heartbreak through light. Beause it didn’t take the form of a traditional theatrical narrative, as the sound designer on the piece I was able to fully explore how to tell a story through the use of music, voice overs, and environmental sound effects. Because the sound was also to be choreographed and lit to, I had to precise in my timing and pacing in a way that most plays don’t require. Because the actor was essentially performing to a track, and there were no other live elements, every decision that I made had a real impact on the storytelling. Through several rounds of drafts and conversations with the director/writer, we were able to come up with a piece that delivered on its emotional message in a powerful way.

See a full video and get more information here.

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