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Sound Design/Engineering

Directed by: McCaela Donovan
Co-Sound Design: Angelica Alvarez
Lighting Design: Andrea Sala
Costume Design: Kat Ibasco

Stage Manager: Carey Accola-Gavin
Scenic Design: Jillian Tone

String is a new musical written by Sarah Hammond with lyrics and music by Adam Gwon. It is a modern retelling of the Greek myth of the Fates, who now live on the top floor of “Infinity Building” in New York. Atropos, the oldest of the fates, falls in love with Mickey, a security guard, and chaos ensues as she tries to save his life, going against the rules of the Fates.

Due to the circumstances of the production, the orchestration and vocal reinforcement were minimal. However, we were able to optimize the show as much as possible with the use of boundary microphones, acoustical damping for the piano, and by using very intentional recorded SFX to fill in for where we didn’t have a full orchestra.

Unfortunately, due to our rights agreement we were unable to record the live performances of this show so no samples are available.

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