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Sound Design, Mixing, Composition

Written by Lindsey Walko and Emma Grasso-Levine

Directed by Sophia Ray and Alex Teman

Original Music by Alex Arlotta

Additional Support by Sara Vargas

Artwork by Saskia Martinez

This was a audio drama project that I started working on in the summer of 2020 with some friends and colleagues from BU. From the Trick City Productions website: "In a five-part episodic radio thriller, Iris blends cosmic horror and teen drama, telling the bone chilling journey of seventeen-year-old ballerina Isabella, who finds herself in a remote dance academy in the woods, unveiling a dark secret that could change her life forever.  Finding her place with an elite group of friends, Isabella agrees to partake in a ritual rumored to bestow upon them a chance at fame and notoriety. When the halfheartedly-believed ritual becomes wholly realized, Isabella must reckon with her ambition and its consequences."

This project was a great opportunity to practice and hone my dialogue editing, sound design, composition, and mixing skills. The theme music and rehearsal track from Episodes 1 and 2 were composed by Alex Arlotta, but all other transitions, underscores, and incidental music was created and composed by me, which made great practice for the composition work that I hope to do in the future. It was a lot of fun to imagine the world of this school, and source the music and sound effects that would help it come to life.

Find links to listen below, and make sure to explore the Trick City website to find out more about all of the collaborators I had the privilege of working with.

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