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Audio Engineer

Sound Design: Ryan Blaney

Asst. Sound Designer: Angelica Alvarez

Asst. Audio Engineer: Jennie Gorn

The Exonerated is a show that tells the true story of six formerly incarcerated people, based on a series of interviews conducted with them. On this show, I served as the production sound engineer. My responsibilities included implementing the sound, intercom, and video systems, as well as leading a crew of 7-9 other students in all of our load-in, notes, and strike calls. I worked closely with the sound designer to create a system that fulfilled his needs and the needs of the show, while also collaborating with the lighting and scenic departments to ensure that everything in the space worked physically. See examples of paperwork below.

One challenge on this show that the designer faced was trying to make this play feel intimate and realistic, in a space that often feels distant. One way in which I helped him achieve this was by facilitating the speakers dropping down from the grid by 10-12', lower than we had ever done in that space before. This required lots of communicating with the lighting and scenic departments, both in terms of how this would physically work and also to make sure that we did this in a safe way. Below you'll see a drafting that I did to aid me in communicating our needs, and a picture of the final product before the speakers were flown up.

System Diagrams

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Speaker Rigging

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04 Speaker Rigging Detail 20190917-1.jpg
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