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Audio Engineer

Sound Design: Stephanie Yackovetsky

Asst. Sound Designer: Feitong Wang

Asst. Audio Engineer: Sara Vargas

Photograph 51 is a play based on the true story of how the structure of DNA was discovered,with an emphasis on the often-erased contributions of the scientist Rosalind Franklin. This production took place in Boston University's Studio ONE, a medium-sized black box with flexible seating arrangements. On this show, I served on the sound team as the Production Sound Engineer, and it was my responsibility to implement the sound system as designed, as well as installing intercom and production video systems. I was in charge of all load-in, notes, and strike calls, and often lead teams of 7-9 other students ranging from first-year undergrads who were not intending to study sound further, to second- and third-year graduate students.


See examples of my work below, including a show report that I generated in order to help our department identify, troubleshoot, and eventually solve problems that presented themselves during the run of the show, and a checklist of all the cable that we used in the show that aided myself and my assistant in running our load-in calls efficiently and helped us keep track of our system's need in relation to the inventory available to us.

Speaker Plot

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P51 SND 8.5x11-1.jpg

Show Report

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Cable Checklist

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P51 Engineering Show Report 20200223-1.j
Cable Checklist 20200211-1.jpg
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