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Assistant Audio Supervisor

Audio Supervisor: Jeff Sherwood

Sound Designers: Jon Weston (NMTC), Matt Hubbs (NPC), Florian Staab (NPC), Joshua Reid (CAB)

For the summer of 2019, I was the Assistant Audio Supervisor at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut. I helped lead a team of myself, my supervisor, and three interns as we loaded-in and managed the sound systems in four different spaces (two indoor, two outdoor). Over the course of the summer we helped put on three new musicals as part of the National Music Theater Conference (NMTC), eight new plays as part of the National Playwright's Conference (NPC), and ten unique nights of our Cabaret and Performance Conference (CAB).

In addition to my duties as the assistant audio supervisor, I was also the primary engineer on two of the new musicals. This involved me mixing those shows, as well as being the point person for communication between the designers and our department as it pertained to those shows.

Below are some photos from the summer, and some examples of the paperwork that I did while there. One of the major things that we wanted to accomplish was improving the existing documentation of departmental procedures, as well as the specifications of each of the spaces. Over the course of the summer I either created or improved the drafting for three of the four spaces, in 3D, which not only helped us in our operations but will hopefully help many departments in the years to come. Included below is that for The Barn, the venue that hosted two of the new plays and all three new musicals.

NMTC Paperwork

click an image to zoom in or download a pdf

Drafting Example

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Department Documentation

As part of our goal to improve the existing documentation for the department, I helped write the department handbook that can persist between summer seasons and under different supervisors. Click below to see the first few pages of this document.

Summer 2019 Handbook-1.jpg
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