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Sound Design

Directed by: Sophia Ray

Lighting Design: Angus Goodearl

Costume Design: Grace Saathof

Scenic Design: Jillian Tone

Stage Manager: Kristen Pichette

Photography: Gina Foley

For this show, we wanted to show the descending into madness that happens as Ashley, the leader of a club of young horse enthusiasts, becomes more and more violent, angry, and scary. Although the script is at it’s core a comedy, we wanted to try to emphasize the horror of the situation by allowing the action on stage and the language of the script to speak for itself. From a sound design perspective, we wanted to try a more minimalist approach: other than having pop music at the beginning and end to set the time period of the world, we only used sound a handful of times in the script. This was in the form of a subtle underscore to add uneasiness, which accompanied a saturated, surreal lighting shift.

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