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...And Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi

Audio Engineer

Sound Design: Jon Beals

Asst. Sound Designer: Sara Vargas

Asst. Audio Engineer: Feitong Wang

...And Jesus Moonwalks the Mississippi is a dramatic retelling of the myth of Persephone and Demeter in the context of the American Civil War. This production took place in the newly constructed Booth Theater at Boston University, a large black box with flexible seating. This production was in the round. The scenic design was evocative of a space that has been overgrown by nature, and as a result, one of the challenges that myself and the designer on this show faced was trying to get the sound to be as realistic as possible, while trying to keep the speakers and other equipment as invisible as we could. This meant that we often had to incorporate our equipment into the scenery, and we worked closely with them to try and achieve this.


On this show, as the production sound engineer, I was tasked with facilitating the implementation of the sound, intercom, and video systems, as well as leading a crew of 7-9 other students in all of our load-in, notes, and strike calls. As this was my third time being the head engineer in this space, I focused on creating clean paperwork and trying to improve my documentation of the system, while also improving on my leadership and communication skills within our team and with the crew at our work calls. See examples of paperwork below.

System Diagrams

click on an image to zoom in or download a pdf

Patch Sheets

click on an image to zoom in or download a pdf

Speaker Plot

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2-Sound Plot 11x17-1.jpg

Cable Checklist

Generated for our shop prep. I created a list of all of the cables in our system so that we could pull, label, and organize them in an efficient way. Cable naming conventions and label methods are loosely based off of the typical Broadway style. This was generated using Minotaur, a piece of software developed for FIlemakerPro that allows for the tracking of equipment and generation of cable labels, among other functions. Click on the image to see the full document.

9.2 AJMM Cable Checklist 20191111-1.jpg
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